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Crate of Fresh Fruit

About ForeverGreen

Dustin & Shita are the husband-wife team that created ForeverGreen.  What started as a humble vegetable garden and a desire to take things to the farmers market on Saturday has evolved and grown into a business that aims to reconnect people to the healing power of food.   Whether it's their raw cold-pressed juices during the warmer months or their new lineup of gourmet soup blends during the fall/winter, ForeverGreen has a mission to remind people to "let food be their medicine, and medicine be their food."

"We created our company with the mission to reconnect people back to a more natural way of living and specifically, eating.  The goal is simple: to bring people a delicious and nutritious product that helps them do just that.  My wife always says its the Love of the Lord and the Love of Soup combined, so we hope that everyone who tries it feels and tastes that love too."

- Dustin, co-founder

The founders have a lifestyle that revolves around their faith, gardening, mushroom foraging, traveling and making cold pressed juices for their community.

Company Core Values 

  • Integrity & Quality 

  • Mission Driven

  • Always Learning - FOREVERGREEN

  • Community 

  • Think Global; Act LOCAL

  • Regenerative 

  • Stewardship


Get to Know Our Team

The People That Make It Possible





Co-founder / Floral Designer  



Our Cheerleader 

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